Interaction 18

Last week, I was at Lyon for Interaction 18 conference. It was full of old friends, propelling ideas and new people. It is an excellent feeling to have all designers around the world and discussing the future possibilities and responsibilities.

I couldn’t stop my tears in some presentations. Some of them expanded my horizon. Here my favourite presentations:

Nicolas Nova “From the Minitel to the Nabaztag – Lesson from French Design”

We all knew Xerox, Apple Mouse and other historic points related to Interaction Design. Nicolas Nova shows examples from French Interaction History, very educative talk. You can watch it from:

Farai Madzima “Can be African make you bad at design? – Cultural bias in design”

We work together while coming from different cultures. Farai presents his voyage in a transparent way about understanding other designers and agreeing upon decision, critics and communication. Presentation link:

Ruth Kikin-Gil “Human-centred design”

AI and Design. If you are interested in these two terms, just watch this presentation. Nice examples, rising ethics and neutrality of AI. You can watch it from:

Franco Papeschi “Where innovations go to die and how to avoid it”

He presents a nice framework about innovations. I find this presentation very practical and can create meaning in your business environment from day 0. You can watch it from:

Hertje Brodersen “A pattern library for teamwork”

Hot patato, sunflowers, sh*t umbrella, cool cucumber…It doesn’t make sense right? Nice metaphoric usages about team dynamics and how to deal with different personalities… You can watch it from:

Daniel Goddemeyer “(IM)perfect futures – The everyday ethics of our future products”

Great power comes with great responsibility. Nice examples about the future products, seen and unforeseen consequences of our decisions. You can watch it from:

Anab Jain “More-Than-Human Centred Design”

Provocative presentation about relationship of human and non-human. Jelly fishes are winning ! You can watch it from:

And one more line… Congrats to IxD18 Core Team!