Alphabet 101

Alphabet is an important development in human story and Latin is one of many. Russia has its cyrillic alphabet and it is a bit different what you are reading right now. Arabic culture has its own alphabet which contains 28 letters close to Latin Alphabet but writing from right to left. Some cultures like Chinese, there is not any alphabet but a system called Pinyin that refers to logographic. Ups!

All those information is actually entering the main topic: Google is now Alphabet which has many companies under one umbrella of a big picture. You can find a company for each letter (no, i am not going to count all of them) and this new set of thinking, division modal will create advantages on;

  • Having more room for risky projects
  • Tax benefit
  • Divided mission statements
  • Risk mitigation
  • Easier capital allocation
  • Resolving conflicts between ideas

G for Golden Letter but ?

90% income generated within searching business if we are taking the last 15 years of Google. This is the cash that google is making however; they are aware of the fact that milk can be reduced due to the competition in search engine business and Ads.

The other powerful economies tried and accomplished to build their own followers like Baidu and Yandex started their voyage like search centered businesses. Today Yandex has the most used navigation application that is used in 17 million populated city, Istanbul. They integrated new services like custom domain email, maps, docs, drive, photos like Google did. Btw, this is my perception can be different in mission and vision statements of these companies.

Alphabet is for finding the next Golden Letter?

Google is trying to find the next gold letter which is not probably G and something starts with another letter. Probability is probability and Google has a bigger opportunity fro find the Golden letter since Google already collected the thinking brains and created autonomous groups a global network.

What’s going to happen to other competitors?

They may try to grow their business with own their Cyrillic Alphabet or find a concept from their own lingual features however; this is not the point. I believe that organizational structural changes take time and it is very risky. The culture of the company can make this enable or not.

I personally do not think that other search engine businesses can not follow this turning point immediately, it will need more time than duplicating technology because it is culture related.

Also, I can’t say that unbundling of ideas and business is the only solution. Planned economics can create alternative models to current innovation technics and organizational structures. Here is a nice TED talk about Chinese way of governing  from Eric X. Li 

Does Google Alphabet contains only Latin Letter? Or can it contain other letters from other alphabets or  Ë Š Œ Ü?

I think that this is really a relevant question. Google is global and globe has different alphabets. I didn’t see the any extended letter of latin alphabet or any other letter from different alphabets. It may look of division of ideas but can also lead into “Selective Capital” concept.

The next golden letter can’t be a Latin letter, just saying that…