My special interests are behavioral change and designing holistic services. I always have time for complex problems and nice people.
Enjoy your time.


TU Delft

Master in Design for Interaction October 2010 8.5/10

I followed Deign for Interaction Master Program between 2008 and 2010. Courses of this programs are Vision in Product Design, Design for Interaction, Design for Emotion, User Testing and Redesign, Design Research, User Experience and Perception, Writing Business Plan, Web standards and more...

Middle East Technical University

Bachelor - Industrial Product Design August 2008 88/100

Our education was really hard on perfection. Courses of this program are Color in Design, Ergonomics, Usability, Art and Industrial Design History, Materials and Manufacturing processes, Computer Oriented Product Design, Design Thinking, Technology and Design,Marketing and various Design Projects...



Design Consultant Apr 2012 -

Working in project and freelance based in several projects. Designing eXperiments for eXperiences. I am adding Intelligence and Interaction to them.

ASK Community Systems

UX-UI Designer Dec 2012 - May 2014

Business development > UX during this experience. I was responsible to pack know-how under a new service and designed ASK-Fast. I managed and speed-up the development process with Offshore development team in India and Indonesia.

Avira Security

UX Designer July 2012 - October 2012

Worked together with US, Germany and Romania Offices. It was my first 01:00 meeting with my pyjamas with ironed shirt. As starting project, I was responsible for Rescue System Project. Due to the successful results, I was invited two other projects and created concepts both in product and new business development level.


Look and Feel Designer May 2011 - May 2012

After finishing my master education, I worked as Look and Feel for MMID Full Service Team. During this period, I designed a speed radar, gate unit, bike carrier, ethanol fireplace, interfaces of hardware product. My main responsibilities are concept creation, visualization, communication of design choices within production team.

Philips Research

Graduation Project March 2010 - October 2010

Why do people waste food? How can we reduce food waste in domestic kitchen? During my graduation project, I understood the relationship of behavior and intention in food waste domain and tried to solve them. I was part of Human Experience and Interaction Group.

Farm Design

Junior Product Designer Dec 2007 - March 2009

I had to work during my education years. At first, I worked as intern and later had part-time contract for designing furniture systems. I was part of team that designed one of the best office chair and an international awarded system.

Karel Electronics R&D

Graduation Project Jan 2008 - Jun 2008

How can we design a new office phone concept for flexible environments? I designed and tested several concepts and report the results to the supervisors. It took 6 months and the concept and framework used for upcoming new product family.


Tools are important but skills shall not be oriented according to tools. I can use various of software and code for testing ideas.

UX - UI Designer

Concept development, User studies, Prototyping, Web Analytics, Visual Design, Customer Maps

Strategy Developer

Business Canvas, UX Lean, SaaS analytics, Business Plans

Dirty Hands

Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, 3D Printing, Generative modelling


  • Grafist Istanbul
  • Writing Business Plan - YES! Delft
  • Python and Computational Thinking
  • Robust Scrum Master
  • Data Visualization Python
  • Sketch Master
  • Awards

  • 2008 - IMMIB First Prize
  • 2009 - IMMIB First Prize
  • 2009 - IMMIB Mention Prize
  • 2009 - YES Delft! Third Prize with
  • 2010 - Philips Innovation Award Top 10
  • 2011 - The best kitchen concepts - Yanko